Internationally there is a growing trend towards custom brewed craft beer.

Although there are over 120 craft breweries in SA, many of these are very small, making only a few hundred liters per brew with everyone under pressure to supply more and more beer. The craft beer market is a fast growing sector and some of the sector analysts predict it to double within 18 months, with a further doubling soon thereafter.

The REDROCK Brewing Co. led by our Master Brewer is in a perfect position to meet this demand with our fine hand crafted, master-brewed quality beers based on the headiness and freedom of a Rock star lifestyle.

Red” denotes the colours and passion of our people, breathtaking sunsets and the hues of a rich and fruitful earth. “Rock” is derived from the original South African artists, the San people and their most commonly used medium, overhanging rock faces and cliffs upon which they placed their beautiful pigments. Each master brewed REDROCK beer tells a different story but it’s always a story rooted in music, the gathering of friends and the inspiration given to us by this amazing land.

REDROCK beers are a celebration of all that’s good in life.