Beer glasses and the perfect pour


Hey RedRockers and welcome to our first Q&A session.  This week we will be discussing beer glasses as well as showcasing the perfect pour.



We received numerous rocking questions but not at all could make our video.  Additional questions submitted which we feel where unlucky not to make the final Session 1 video can be found below:


  • What motivated you guys to start brewing and how did you get your name? (By Wickus Van Niekerk )

Brewing is a passion.  For many it starts as a hobby and develops into something commercial over time.  Our founders have worked in the beer industry for many years – some have always stayed in it because they love it, others have moved away and then migrated back as the craft beer revolution occurred.

REDROCK as name was the result of a marketing team brainstorm as well as the various RedRock Beer names.  We think it ROCKS!


  • What makes ales so distinctly aromatic and delicious? (By Bryce Mildenhall)

The difference between Ales and Lagers is most generally the yeast that is used; Ale yeast allows a much warmer fermentation, which allows for the release of a lot of Esters (Aromatic compounds) during the fermentation process.  Also, Ales, generally use darker (more roasted malts) to get the richer colours, and this allows the use of fruitier hops to create the balance between sweet and bitter.


  • What exactly differentiates the Nine Inch Ale and the Firebird IPA, in terms of the Brewing process? (By Bernard Botha)

ANS:  We use different malts, different hops – and a range of different times and temperatures in the mashing process – the quarter percent alcohol change also makes a difference.  We also ferment them very differently, so that one finishes with a sweet nose whereas the other is quite dry.


Keep tuning back for more questions and answers.  Session 2 will be released soon

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