Our Brewing Philosophy

“To produce absolute quality with absolute consistency.”


All of our beers are unashamedly “sessionable”, easy drinking beers … made to have the intrinsic “drinkability”.  So flavours and aromas are all a dichotomy of subtle yet distinguishable.


However, as with all craft beers, innovation is an essential part of the product range, so whilst we use age old science and techniques, the Master Brewer’s “art” is a unique combination of ingredients and manipulation of brewing processes, providing a distinctive and underlying character.


We also make use of some of Braukon of Munich patented technologies to both improve quality but also enhance flavour and aromas; for example, our use of the Braukon Hop Gun for Dry Hopping.


There is exception to every rule however, and we will in future venture into speciality brews with big and bold flavours, either as stand-alone brands or as seasonal-special brews.